[WMKK_TWR] | S2 Exam

S2 CPT - LUMPUR TOWER [WMKK_TWR] Come and fly in and out to help Khairul Ajwad (1466031) earn his S2 type rating!

Wednesday, May 05, 2021 - 14:00 to 16:00z

Dear all,

There will be an S2 Controller Practical Test taking place at Lumpur Tower for Khairul Ajwad (1466031) during the above-stated date and time. All IFR traffic are welcome. VFR traffic is at the discretion of the controller.

Scenery: P3D/FSX Payware

P3Dv4 Freeware

XP11 Freeware

Charts are available at http://aip.dca.gov.my/aip/eAIP/2019-05-23/html/eAIP/WM-AD-2.WMKK-en-MS.html#AD-2.WMKK.