vACEPG Europe Link Up: LIRF + EGCC + LOWW + EDDF

Get ready for Europe Link Up, Europe's busiest event, featuring full atc in Vienna (LOWW), Rome (LIRF), Manchester (EGCC) and Frankfurt (EDDF)

Sunday, April 16, 2023 - 13:00 to 20:00z

vACC Austria, VATITA, VATSIM UK, VATSIM Germany and vACEPG kindly invite you to Europe Link up. On April 16th join us as we fly to some of Europe's best and busiest airports, atc times as follows: 13:00z-17:00z full atc in LIRF 13:00z-17:00z full atc in LOWW 14:00z-18:00z full atc in EGCC 16:00z-20:00z full atc in EDDF Make sure to read the briefings, have a look at the charts and bring extra fuel, we expect this to be a very busy one! Airport charts and briefings: LOWW: Charts + briefing: LIRF Briefing: EGCC Charts + briefing: EDDF Briefing: